Women Empowerment & Health

Investing in Women’s Empowerment and gender equality can unlock untapped potential on a transformational scale. For societies to thrive, women and girls, as well as boys and men must have equal access to healthcare, education, basic needs and technology. They must also have the same economic opportunities where they equally must control resources, lands, and markets.  Both men and women must have equal rights and opportunities as peacebuilders and to be strong leaders throughout our communities and the world.

Altering the ways in which we engage men and boys in gender equality and how we approach and invest in women’s empowerment programs is essential to long-lasting social change. We must empower women and girls across their lifespan and encourage them to challenge the negative cultural and social definitions that can limit their own ability to achieve their full potential.

Saba Charitable Foundation is dedicated to supporting programs that support women and girls empowerment as well as health programs that are gender specific. It is vital to promote the rights of all women as we must reduce gender-based violence including human trafficking while diminishing its harmful effects on individuals and communities.

Women Empowerment